About PADS

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The Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society is dedicated to promoting the conservation of the world’s primitive dogs (dingoes, New Guinea Singing Dogs) and ancient indigenous aboriginal domestic dogs. PADS members have various backgrounds: scientists, researchers, fanciers of specific breeds, people interested in aboriginal dogs in general, anthrozoologists, anthropologists. Topics of discussion: preserving aboriginal dogs in their area of origin; establishing a pedigreed population; maintaining genetic diversity/breeding programs; educating the dog fancy and public about the qualities of aboriginal dogs.

Mission Statement

PADS is an association of primitive and aboriginal dog enthusiasts and authorities, who share their areas of expertise, learning from each other about their dogs’ everyday life and work in the countries of their origins. PADS’ objectives are to:

[li type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”]achieve a better understanding of the evolutionary development of primitive and aboriginal dogs;[/li]

[li type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”]serve as a resource for scientists, geneticists, evolutionary biologists and others seeking to unravel the origins of dog domestication;[/li]

[li type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”]promote the taxonomic recognition these dogs deserve as the living bridges between wild canids and cultured breeds;[/li]

[li type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”]raise public awareness of the unique nature and roles these dogs have played in the evolutionary history of humankind;[/li]

[li type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”]identify ways of sustaining the integrity of primitive and aboriginal dogs before they disappear as a result of the loss of their keepers’ traditional lifestyles and time honored cultural practices through the social, economic and political pressures of a modern existence.[/li]